Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hammie ;)))


This is so so super cute! Now I know why Carmen was so excited in showin me this. Hope it makes your day like it made mine =D (on another note though, I hope my baby can be as docile as the hammie in the video =P)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

She Believes (In Me)

Things finally came to an end. I don't wish to ponder over it neither will I do anythin bout it anymore. All I want to do right now is simply to move on. I wonder sometimes why it takes me so long to realise that some things are best left as they are and eventually everythin will fall back in place. Well.. one does not learn if one does not fall, right? We are full of contradictions, aren't we?

However, I m thankful for all that has happened, it's an experience in knowin that not everythin goes by my will, there are times where I cannot help but to let go. Sounds like I m tryin to convince myself, but I surprised myself. No more swingin emotions, no more litres of tears. Now I really believe, what doesn't kill me the first time is only goin to make me stronger. Comin to terms with how I m feelin is way better than denyin it flatly. I will not force myself to heal overnight anymore, I will allow myself time. I used to apply the "as-long-as-I-hate-n-be-angry-at-you-I-will-be-fine" method. God, I was so wrong. I miss me. The me whom believes in the things I do, regardless of people's opinions. And I know it wasn't plain stupidity.

I m sorry for all those hurts and worries I've put all my friends through, as much as I dreaded it. All that everyone has ever done for me will never be enough for appreciation with just a few words, I keep them all deep inside my heart. Do not cause yourselves anguish n worries over me anymore kay? Trust me, I m smilin now :) And I will continue doin so. For myself.

Never think too much in life

Good days give us happiness

Bad days give us experience

Both are essential in life

(quoted by someone whom I never thought cared for me so much)

If you ever goin to stumble upon this, I want to tell you, Thank You. You've really made me learned. We are both faultless, perhaps the only mistake we have ever made is to love each other too deeply in our own selfish ways. I believe you will not be goin through this any better than me, but remember our promise, we will definitely go through this n find our happiness ultimately.

She Believes (In Me)

While she lays sleeping
I stay out late at night and play my songs
And sometimes all the nights can be so long
And it’s good when I finally make it home
All alone

While she lays dreaming
I touch her face across the silver light
I see her dreams that drift up to the sky
And she wakes up to my kiss
And I say it’s alright
And I hold her tight

And she believes in me
I’ll never know just what she sees in me
I told her someday
If she was my girl, I could change the world
With my songs,
But I was wrong

But she has faith in me
And so I go on trying faithfully
Forever in my heart she will remain
And I hope and pray, I will find a way, find a way

While she lays waiting
I ask myself why do I hurt her so
What calls me on along this lonely road
Why don’t I turn around and head back home
Where I belong

While she lays crying
Cause she knows how my heart is ripped in two
I’m tom between the things that I should do
She deserves it all and I’d give it if I could
God, her love is true

While she lays sleeping
While she lays sleeping for me