Saturday, December 08, 2012

Buon Viaggio Aloysius!

Back to KL after 6 months, to send cousie Aloysius off to Italy for his student exchange programme. Jelly max! How I wish I had the chance to go for a student exchange programme when I was young. Not that I m old now wtf, but I should have done that when I was youngER. Hahaha.

Didn't want to follow at first but decided otherwise since I could go shopping. Yay! Shopping wins over everythin. Hehe. Went up by bus with Mummy, Aloysius and Aunty Christina one day earlier as Aloysius has a briefing before departure. Acted as the tour guide since I was the only one who know the way around with public transport. The journey to the hotel alone was a disastrous one having to lug around so many luggages and it was really really inconvenient. KL, when exactly are you goin to improve our transportation system?

But, I digress. Reached hotel, wandered off to Bukit Bintang area as the only public transport we had near the hotel was the monorail. Had our dinner of the day at T-Bowl Concept Restaurant, a theme restaurant based on bathroom concept. Its interior design is basically based on bathroom items such as the toilet bowl being used as seat, basin as dining table and mini toilet bowls as food bowl. Not for the faint-hearted. Lol.

Chocolate Ice-cream On A Toilet Bowl!

Aloysius with his ice-cream

Mushroom soup in a bathtub. So special right?

Next day we went to Times Square to walk walk and took pictures of some of the Christmas decorations. And then it's shopping time! More like shopping for Christmas gifts time hehe.

Aunty Christina & Mummy

Had dinner at Kim Gary coz not sure what else was there to eat. Finally got to eat my favourite Korean Spicy Noodles a.k.a Instant Noodles wtf.

Went back to hotel to sleep after that and the next day we headed to the airport. Uncle Philip, Nicholas and Margaret were also on their way to KLIA, about the same time we departed from the hotel. They came up later than us as Uncle Philip needed to work and Nicholas had school. So we met up at KLIA and then it was goodbye to Aloysius!

After sending Aloysius off, we headed to Pudu for Fei Por Chicken Rice as it was one of the few shops that I could remember opening till late. Went back to hotel and I sneaked went out to meet YZ and Kelvin hehe. They came to fetch me and off to Changkat Bukit Bintang for drinks. Didn't quite remember the name of the bar as well as the drinks even though I did snap a few pics of them haha.

I was also able to pass my Christmas pressies for him, Shelly and Zoe to him. Mission accomplished, yay! Next two days we went to Sunway Pyramid, Petaling Street and also back to Bukit Bintang area before heading back JB. Brought Nicholas to Low Yat also since he's a geek and I was sure he would love it. Hehe. And yes, he was! Bought a few pressies from there, includin Nicholas's gift for me lol. Yes, I already knew what it was coz I chose it myself haha and I had to top up somemore wtf. Will reveal in another post :P

And then we went back to T-Bowl again to have lunch coz Aunty Christina wanted to bring the other cousies to check out the place.

Super cute doggie

Also, got the Lip Smacker Christmas Edition in Christmas stocking and it's pink! Major loves :x

Hello Kitty say tata!

Till then, x!