Monday, January 27, 2014

I Love Pink

Have anyone watched Pink's performance at the Grammy's 2014? I m absolutely awed! Declaring that I m impressed would be an understatement. And the best part is she performed one of my favourite songs! I've literally replayed Just Give Me A Reason and set it as my ringtone until I m completely sick of it. That's how I love my songs.

This is seriously good! If I wouldn't know any better, I would think that she's performing for a charity show. Lol.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Hello 2014!

Blink. 2013. Blink again. 2014. This is how fast time flies eh? I used to have this wish to celebrate New Year's Eve with my besties in Sentosa when we were in high school but sadly, that dream never came true. With that and also all of my wishes to celebrate New Year's Eve. All I did on the last day of most years was to glue myself in front of the TV and watch Channel 5's New Year's Eve countdown programme :/ And the only time I got to celebrate with fireworks was when I had a one day trip with my cousies at USS two years back. Ohh well, better than nothin, right?

This year I finally got to celebrate with all most of my favourite people in the world! Before I go into detail of my supposedly very excited and happy party, let me first take this chance to curse wish some karma upon a jerk who decided to ruin our last day 2013. So.. we got into an accident. Because of this stupid jerk. Can you imagine, all dolled up so prettily only to be stranded by the road side, talkin to police? All because of this heartless uncle who may he never get a good night sleep due to his corrupted conscience.

Real time tweets.

So what happened was this Chinese uncle (middle aged I suppose) who was drivin a white Almeera on the slow lane, decided to switch over to the fast lane without givin enough notice, albeit with the signal. And there was this motorcyclist who was just next to his car hence when he switched over, the motorcyclist had no time to react but to hit the Almeera. Basically this was an accident between the two of them and had nothin to do with us but! as I have mentioned earlier, the motorcyclist had no time to react thus the impact from their accident was strong enough for the motorcyclist to topple over onto our car. As all this while we were on the slow lane, just behind the Almeera. For one sec, I thought we ran over a man. The horror. But 자기야 assured me that it was his motorcycle that the car tyres mowed over.

It all happened in a blink of eye so naturally we would not have time to react also, as if we had any choices :/ Coz the only way to avoid that particular accident is to swerve to the left and hit the divider. Sigh. As if all of these were not horrible enough, the Almeera driver chose to run away! Hit and run baby. Worse still, he actually did stop by the roadside on the right and got down. He wanted to cross over to see if the motorcyclist was alright but upon seein 자기야 attendin to the motorcyclist who happened to be quite an elderly Chinese uncle, he quickly got back into his car and drove off! What a nerve he had! Imagine our anger.

자기야 actually immediately stopped by the roadside once we registered in our brain that an accident had indeed happened and rushed over to the motorcyclist uncle's aid. Hero max haha. I, on the other hand, was too shocked that I just remained in the car based on 자기야's orders. And I kinda hated myself for bein in a state of disbelief that I had forgotten to write down the Almeera's car plate number. To be fair though, never would I have imagined that he would run away. COWARD.

There was actually a bus stop full of people near our accident area, who totally witnessed the cowardly act of the Almeera driver. Once the stupid driver drove away, I got down of the car for a little while in my short dress and flats (luckily I didn't wear heels if not FML) to let 자기야 know that the jerk ran away. The people in the bus stop were starin all this while omgdness. But it was also thanks to these people who clearly knew very well that we were not at fault at all, who can be our witnesses any time if they were brave enough to. The disappearance of the real culprit made it look like WE knocked down the motorcyclist. So we were like being judged by the passing cars who knew nothin obviously.

After what seems like forever, a passing police car (like in the movie! where got so coincident one) stopped by to find out what happened. So after explainin, the police allowed us to leave. 자기야 told me later in the car that the motorcyclist uncle refused to go to the hospital, kept insistin he was fine but the police managed to convinced him otherwise. So we left the accident scene and the poor uncle in the good hands of the police.

Car was injured but thank GOD we were not. The aftermath was not that serious but accordin to 자기야, it's gonna cost :S, car was still drive-able though so we continued makin our way to Doubletree Hilton to meet the girls and their other halves. Sorry to have scared my girls, especially Shelly coz I was whatsappin with her prior to the accident. She was so worried that she kept callin us and when we did not answer, she almost freaked out lol. Love you all for the concern ♥

Okay now, back to the happy things! Once we reached the hotel, we hung out abit in Windi's room and I got to try her Magic Curler and Chanel lippie! Mad love the curls. Obviously took some lots of selfies except they were all not clear. Was using Note 2's camera. Hehe.

Then we had our buffet dinner downstairs at Makan Kitchen before headin to the poolside for countdown! Was eagerly anticipatin the fireworks only for them to be covered by all those skyscrapers. Never mind, as long as we were happy! :D

The party goodies

The big bunch!

The girls


Super dark pic of us waitin by the pool

After countdown we made our ways back home but first, let us take a wefie in the.. lift!

The guys

Posted the pic below on facebook with a super cheesy status lol. But I meant it ;)

New Year Resolution: Usher in all my New Years with you ❤


Till then, x!