Saturday, July 31, 2010

Productive Day ;)

Yay!! I m finally feelin productive again :D Did some housework half of the day. It's been so so so long ever since I last did that. I miss this kind of feelin. No doubt many things happened this whole week n it did affect me one way or another. But I've decided to brush everythin aside n be selfish for once. To live my own life. Tired of drama. Yea, N.U.M.B is the word. Back to my productive tasks. Hehe.

  • Mop floor - Checked
  • Wash clothes - Checked 
  • Wash n change bedsheets - Checked
  • Wash toilet - Checked

Though it's not really that w.o.w I m happy enough :)

Btw, daddy n mummy are comin up to KL today. Anticipatin their arrival. Can't wait. Will they bring my new baby along?? *Fingers crossed :P

P.S: Oh yea, haven't update bout my birthday. Will do that soon :)

Monday, July 26, 2010


I have lots to update yet so little time to actually do it. I need more time!! 24 hours is seriously insufficient for someone like me, who sucks in time management. Just when I thought I had crossed out quite a number of tasks, long long to-do-list, here it comes again! Btw, today's the start of my "no-skipping-class week" :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Time flies. So fast n it has already been a week. And as usual, I m still as unproductive as I can be :( I've been procrastinatin longer than I should be. I seriously need to stop. To do list is gettin longer n longer. And honestly speakin, I think I m startin to lose my credibility. Been skippin classes more often now, though my classes now are, erm.. a lil unnecessary? But still, I'll be so guilty if I did skip any of it. Sigh sigh sigh. Realised that the more anyone gives in to me, the worse I m becomin.


Promised myself to get my life back in order startin from tonight. I m not supposed to sleep and should be finishin ALL, if not at least half of everythin I should be doin. And..


Considered all these my birthday resolutions. God please bless my determination. Thank you :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

To Do List- Updated

Task 5- DONE!

But but.. I m supposed to work on my Task 3. Why did I even ignore it? :(

To Do List

Task 2- DONE! :D


It's been almost a month since I last updated. Was I really that busy? I was I guess. Assignments have been up to my neck, suffocatin me almost everyday. So many things happened lately. Pms got really bad n gettin out of control soon. I must really learn to start dealin with it better. Or else it will seriously screw up my life.

Relationship was almost a gone case due to my hot n cold temper. Cried alot these days. Cryin has slowly becomin my way of releasin my emotions. I never used to cry in front of anyone especially him. But now my tears can just flow freely as it like. Good or bad, I really couldn't differentiate. I m losin my efficiency. No longer motivated to do anythin anymore. Best proof would be my assignments. Sigh. 

Thank God for friends. Without them, especially YZ, I really couldn't imagine what might happen to me. My to-do list is so super long now. Let's see how many I can achieve today. The start of being motivated n productive once more :D Now, the list.

1. Update blog.

2. Upload long-forgotten pictures on Facebook as promised to Jason n CH.

3. Finish CID assignment.

4. Start on Darl's project.

5. Burn songs on CD.

Okay, let's work on these five first. I'd be damn proud of myself if I managed to do them all ;)