Sunday, August 31, 2008

National Day

Happy Birthday to Malaysia and Happy National Day To Everyone =)

Went to Bukit Bintang area (Pavilion and Times Square) to windowshop with Wilfred. Nothin much to do so just walk walk around. Karen and friends had a birthday celebration for Qing Long at night but I did not join them. So sorry Qing Long, promise you that I'll join in your birthday dinner next year =)

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Went out with Jerry a.k.a Chee Hoe today. Jerry is a friend known through Joel. He is Joel's best bud. A nice friend who never fails to offer me realistic advices whenever I tend to daydream. Hehe. Glad that I got him as a friend and though me n Joel did not manage to work out, Jerry and I are still good friends =)

He has just returned from his work trip from China and he promised me souvenirs!! That's why I went out with him. Lol. Just kiddin =P We met up at around 2 plus and being the road id**t that he is (that's a known fact to us =P), I was so afraid that he could not find my place. Haha. Luckily he managed to. 

However, he was still one blur guy coz he forgot to bring out my gifts when he came to fetch me. So we had to go back to his place (luckily not that far as he stays in Selayang) to take the souvenirs meant for me. He bought me one of the Beijing Olympic Mascot plus a handphone keychain. The red coloured one. Did not request him to buy that colour for me but ended up he did. I was so thrilled as it was exactly what I wanted. Haha. That is what we called fate. It is so meant to be mine =)

In the end, we had our lunch cum conversation at a cafe in Selayang Mall. Stayed there chattin till around 5 plus then we left. Not knowin where to head to after that as it was the eve of National Day and there were bound to be traffic jams everywhere especially in town, we decided that he send me back home. This meetin up was a great one n I really look forward to the next one if only he's willin to sacrifice his precious time to meet me. Busy guy.. Sigh sigh. Hehe.

Name : Huanhuan (欢欢)

Gender : Male

Cultural Inspiration : Olympic Flame; Fire Design from the Mogao Grottoes

Olympic Ring : Red

Represented Element : Fire

Actual Fengshui Element : Fire

Personality : Extrovert, Enthusiastic

Represented Ideal : Passion

Represented Sport : Ball Sports

Extra Information : Huanhuan represents the passion of sports, the Olympic spirit of "faster, higher, stronger", and the passion of the Beijing Olympics. Huanhuan's headgear comes from a fire design in the Mogao Caves, the best known of the Chinese Buddhist grottoes.

The handphone keychain ( Sorry, this pic is not clear as it is difficult to capture a nice pic of it) Accordin to Jerry, both the doll and the accessory are of original versions and not of imitation ones =)

Oh yeah, almost forgotten that today is Qing Long's Birthday.

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To Qing Long

Happy Birthday To You =)

May all your wishes and dreams come true. Stay happy always and God bless =D

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Uncle Clement

It's Uncle Clement's Birthday today =) A very Happy Birthday and many happy returns. May all you wishes ad dreams come true. God bless you with health, happiness, lots of love & care and success =D

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To dear Uncle Clement

Happy Birthday To You

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It's Movies Day and again, there's no Anatomy & Physiology lecture class. Yippie =) So me, Karen, Yi Haur, Ren Sin, Jerome, Joseph and Yong Zhang went for movies together. This time not in KLCC but instead we headed over to Pavilion. Yong Zhang actually had somethin else on, however, seein how excited we were when checkin the showtimes in the library, he cannot stop himself from bein tempted to join us as well. Or maybe coz he cannot bear to leave Ren Sin?? Oh my, this is so wrong. I m so evil =P Haha.

So we took LRT and monorail, got down at Lot 10 then walked over to Pavilion. We had Carl's Jr for lunch. The burger was to big for me to be consumed alone so me n Karen decided to share one. It was so yummy!! I believe I've found an addition to my long list of cravings =) The drinks were refillable and we had an idea. We decided to smuggle in the drinks with.. what else, my large bag =D So everyone's drinks were cramped into my bag and I had to handle it so carefully. Lol. 

Just as we were makin a dash to the cinema coz we were runnin late for the movie, I found out that I've lost the tickets!! A total of 5 tickets!! I was startin to get really nervous and Jerome, Yi Haur and Joseph ran down all the way back to the restaurant to help me look for the tickets. I found the tickets at almost the exact time as they reached the restaurant. Poor the three guys as they made a wasted trip just coz of my carelessness and I feel so bad about it =( I kept apologisin and bein the gentlemen that they were, all they said was "It's okay" =) 

And so we went for the movies. I mentioned only five tickets coz Ren Sin and Yong Zhang went to watch a different movie. We went to watch Wall-E while they watched The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor as they have already watched Wall-E. I m not a very big fan of animated movies so the movie was average for me, though many find to be real nice and funny. 

It has a touchin plot and needless to say, Eve is so beautiful and I really like her =) Actually I love another character inside the movie, in case anyone of you did notice, it was a very pinkish flyin thingy which I do not know what it was. But it was just too cute. Hehe. 

After the movie, Karen and Jerome had to rush to church as they had a choir practice so left me with the other four guys. It was rainin so we window-shopped for some time before makin our way home. It was still rainin when we left but we did not feel like waitin anymore and the consequence was: soaked-wet. Yong Zhang had parked his car at the LRT station so he brought all of us to dinner before sendin all of us back. How sweet of him. Well, he's always the Mr. Nice Guy =)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nicky's Birthday

This post is especially dedicated to Tze Heng a.k.a Nicky, a friend known through Karen. Knew him for not that long, however all in all, we had great conversations together. Hehe. And he cooked meatball spaghetti for me before =) We had a birthday dinner celebration for him in Feeling Cafe, a cafe once owned by Michael Wong a.k.a Guang Liang. This group of friends comprises mainly of Karen's ex-highschool classmates and i managed to know all of them, all thanks to her. Haha. It was a great night. Hope you had a great time too, Tze Heng ;)

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To Nicky

Happy Birthday To You

May all your wishes n dreams come true yea n stay happy always =) God Bless.

P.S: Some of the pictures were a lil blur as they were taken from a handphone camera.. Sorry yea.. I had lost the most of the pics taken on that night by Nicky himself and sent to me by Chung Wei. I wonder which part of my laptop are those pics hiding in. Somehow they just disappeared. So please bear with these not-so-clear pics till I find the lost ones, if I m lucky enough, hopefully.

Me & Nicky

Chung Wei, Nicky & Karen

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Happy Birthday to my ever so dearest Mummy!! Sorry as I couldn't make it home to celebrate with you =( But you do know my wishes are sent to you with love =D May all your wishes and dreams come true. God bless you with good health, happiness, lots of love and care. Stay beautiful always =) Love you lots lots. Hugs and kisses.

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To My Lovely Mummy

Happy Birthday To You

Today is also the Olympic finals badminton. It was a duel between our Malaysia No.1 Lee Chong Wei and China No.1 Lin Dan. I dragged Basil out to a nearby mamak to watch with me as Karen was not around. He was the China supporter as he so believed that Lin Dan will surely win. He even said that he was prepared to stand up and sing the China's national anthem. Haha.

I was tryin so hard to convince him otherwise but well.. I do know the honest truth. As predicted, Chong Wei lost, though I was really hopin he'll win so that Malaysia can finally have her first Olympic gold medal. Nevertheless, Chong Wei's fightin spirit is commendable =)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yum Cha

Went out yum cha-in with a bunch of my guy friends. I was the only girl around as Karen stayed over in her church. It's okay though coz they have long treated me as a guy. How very sad. Lost my girly image :'(

Chuan Wei a.k.a Kiddy came and fetched me to meet up with the rest who were already watchin a live telecast football match at the mamak restaurant. The match was between Manchester United and Liverpool. It was funny how guys can get so excited and upbeat about a football match that they were not even playin in it themselves. If you were to tell them this, they will surely say, "You girls will never understand. It's the feelin". 

Yaya. Whatever. Haha. 

Not that I don't like football. I enjoy watchin it sometimes, more so if there are few cute players in it =P Ok, back to the night. After the yum cha session, I was supposed to help out Chuan Wei with his lab report. So we ended up doin till early mornin while the rest were just playin games. How heartless of them. 

Came back home only after a sumptuous dim sum breakfast. Now is already 9 am plus and I haven't even sleep a wink the whole night. I m off to la-la land. Goodnight =)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sok Ling

Sok Ling is leavin for US today =( I m really feelin very bad and guilty as I was unable to send her off at the airport. I m really sorry dear. I did try my best but.. I know you do understand. Can't believe it we have been the best of friends for 13 years now. In fact all of us have been together for that long. It was just months ago that you mentioned bout leavin in August and how time flies, you actually left now.

Here's wishin you bon voyage and hopin everythin go smoothly for you, be it in studies or just everythin. It's a lil comfort to me knowin that Albert will be accompanyin you there. At least you won't be alone. I'll be missin you lots lots. May God bless you with all the strength and courage needed. Muacks.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Sex and The City

Anatomy & Physiology lecture was cancelled today. So after Thermodynamics lecture at 12pm, Karen and I went over to KLCC to catch a movie as today is Wednesday, the Movies Day. We bought the tickets for Sex and the City. The movie came out on my birthday and we had wanted to watch on that day but then I reckoned it was kinda inappropriate to be watchin it with a bunch of guys. Hehe.

The movie was good I would say, simply because I love it, though I have not watched even an episode of the series and Sok Ling has been tellin me how good it was. Thought I will not be able to understand the movie but luckily I was armed with the basic knowledge about the characters =)

Crazy Day

Today is the deadline of four lab reports, all of the same subject but different experiments. Not only that, I'll be havin two tests (not the same subject) later in the day as well. This stress is overwhelmin me. Sigh. This is nothin but crazy to me. Got to continue studyin and finishin my reports now =(

Friday, August 01, 2008

Bubble Tea

Bubble tea has been a must-have to both me and Karen recently. We just somehow got addicted to it, especially when there is a shop sellin it just downstairs of our block. Nice =)

Today we had dinner together with Basil at the shop below his block (we stay at different blocks) then we head over to our block to buy bubble tea. Hehe. Basil had the champagne-flavoured one, Karen had the blueberry-flavoured while me, I bought strawberry-flavoured one. 

Basil was such a sweet-talker to the aunty sellin it that she gave us a free one cup of original flavour (which is milk tea). Hehe. The free drink ended up in Karen's hands as she just love it too much. We stayed in the playground chattin till we finished each of our own drinks before returnin home =)

The drinks are so colourful. The blue one is champagne, the purple is the blueberry and the pink is the strawberry =)

Karen & Basil

What are they doin??

The cup is already empty and she's still drinkin. Oh my.. =P