Monday, July 28, 2008


This was the result of bein too free in Anatomy & Physiology lab session. We were supposed to be lookin at the slides provided, instead we ended up takin pictures =P Thank goodness our lecturer is nice. Hehe.

Lookin like professionals?

Tryin so hard to concentrate =P

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Met up for lunch in One Utama with Sok Ling, Winnie, Quek, Lina and Huey Tyng. We had our meal in Canton-i, a subsidiary of Dragon-i. Most of us had wanton mee and Sok Ling ordered a basket of piggies bun with red bean fillings. Unfortunately we did not manage to capture any pictures of the food.

Sok Ling had also given me a belated birthday gift. Thanks lots dear =) Love it. Hehe.

The Birthday Gift from ESL. So Girlish but I love it, obviously =)

After lunch, met up with Poh Keong a.k.a PK for a movie. We watched Hancock, a movie which he has been dyin to watch.

It was not bad, though a lil fake. Guess all superheroes movies are like that, aren't they? PK bought me a belated birthday gift as well =) Oh.. Did I mention that he actually forgotten my birthday?? So heartless of him. Sob sob =( However after seein the cuteness of his gift and the beautiful packagin, I might consider forgivin him. Hehe.

Smile =) ( It's in pink too!! Hehe)

He refused to let me take his pic coz he felt that his face was too "burned" after being the referee for a basketball tournament earlier in the day. Anyway, I still managed to force him to say "cheese" =P

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Finally I m back!! Hehe. After much reminders, reminders and more reminders to my dear Ren Sin, I have at last gotten all the pictures taken on my birthday. So enjoy yea =)

The extremely disgusting "soup" that we were forced to eat as suggested by Yong Zhang as the "speciality" of tonight's celebration.

The "modified" version

I was being forced to eat vege coz they know I don't eat it. Sob sob =(

Yi Haur is so gonna kill me if he saw this pic. Hehe.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Chew Yen called me from UK this afternoon, early in the morning at her place, to wish me for my birthday. Felt surprised and at the same time so happy. We chatted like we've never chatted for years. Hehe.

The call was cut short though coz she needed to rush to work. Later that night she called again and we continued chatting on and on about endless topics. That's the magic of girls =) 

Glad she's doing fine but seriously still hopin that she'll get a boyfriend soon. Lol. Yen, if you see this, please kindly bring your boyfriend along the next time I meet you. We'll work hard together yea ;)


Sweet sweet Karen has created a video clip just for me, comprisin of most of my classmates and friends conveyin their special birthday wishes to me. I was seriously touched because I knew nothin bout it even though I m always with her in campus.

She went to shoot the videos one by one, then only combined them together. I was already suspectin somethin was wrong with her coz she was quiet the whole time after returnin home from class. She was so busy with her phone. But never did i thought that she was edittin videos for me.

Imagine my shock when she showed me the completed version of the clip. Hehe. Anyway, I m really touched by your gesture my dear. Thank you so so much. I m so glad to have found a friend like you =)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

ReBorn =)

REBORN. Promised myself to start writin a blog on my birthday, as a sign of reborn =) So here I m writin away at last. Been havin this blog for two years yet I have never written a post. Hehe. Before I started writin, had lots of thoughts in mind, but now that i started to write, feel lost suddenly =P

First of all though, wanna thank all my of besties; Windi, Ee Von, Sok Ling, Jindi, Felicia, Winnie (She's the first n she knows why, lol), and good friends (too many dy =D ) for their wishes, regardless whether it was msges, calls, Friendster or Facebook. Really really appreciate it. Special mention to Chew Yen (will update why soon).

Karen, my roommate gave me a surprise. She bought two slices of Secret Recipe cakes and put a candle on one of them for me to blow n make a wish. So thoughtful of her. Not to forget the A&W soda drink coz she could not find any sparkling juice here despite her efforts. Thanks lots dear!! Next got a call from my friends, Kiddy and Owen and they entertained me for more than half an hour =P

But the happiest moment should be when I received the parcel from Windi. She sent me a birthday card as well as a gift. The card is a Hello Kitty one. Love it very very much ;) So so sweet of her. Love you lots too.

Well.. the main purpose of writin this blog is to start a new life altogether and forget about the past. Pray that I am able to do it =) Finally, thank my wonderful God for givin me this life and my lovely family for takin care of me for all these years.. Love you all!! Muacks.

P.S: Windi, I've fulfilled my promise.. Lol.

Gorgeous Oroton earrings From Windi ( Unable to take a decent pic of it so have to grab from your blog.. Lol)

Hello Kitty Card

And The Sweet Sweet Message =)

Birthday Cake

That was first part of my birthday celebration, now continuing to the later part. Went to uni as usual then after class, went to KLCC with a bunch of my classmates; Karen, Qing Long, Yi Haur, Alice, Ren Sin, Jerome. Too bad Angie, Bee Fan and Yong Zhang could not join us. Watched Batman: Dark Night.

The Dark Knight is a 2008 American superhero film directed and co-written by Christopher Nolan. Based on the DC Comics character Batman, the film is part of Nolan's Batman film series and a sequel to 2005's Batman Begins. Christian Bale reprises the lead role. The film follows Bruce Wayne/Batman (Bale), District Attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart), and Police Commissioner James Gordon (Gary Oldman) and their struggles and journey to combating the new threat of the Joker (Heath Ledger). Nolan's inspiration for the film was the Joker's comic book debut in 1940, and the 1996 series The Long Halloween, which retold Two-Face's origin. The Dark Knight was filmed primarily in Chicago, as well as in several other locations in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong. Nolan used an IMAX camera to film some sequences, including the Joker's first appearance in the film.

On January 22, 2008, after he had completed filming The Dark Knight, Heath Ledger died of a sleeping pill overdose, leading to intense attention from the press and more people showing interest in the film. Warner Bros. had created a viral marketing campaign for The Dark Knight, developing promotional websites and trailers highlighting screen shots of Ledger as the Joker, but after Ledger's death, the studio refocused its promotional campaign.

In Gotham City, the Joker robs a mob-owned bank with his accomplices, whom he tricks into killing each other. That night, Batman interrupts a meeting between the Chechen, a Gotham mobster, and the Scarecrow, but suffers wounds from the Chechen's dogs, causing the Chechen to escape and prompting Batman to re-design his batsuit. Batman and Lieutenant James Gordon contemplate including new district attorney Harvey Dent in their plan to eradicate the mob, as he could be the public hero Batman cannot be. However, Batman wonders if Dent can be trusted. Bruce runs into Rachel Dawes and Dent, who are dating, and after talking to Dent he realizes he is sincere and decides to host a fundraiser for him.

Mob bosses Sal Maroni, Gambol and the Chechen meet with other underworld gangsters to discuss both Batman and Dent's judicious investigation with Lau, a Chinese mafia accountant, who informs them that he has hidden their money and fled to Hong Kong, in an attempt to pre-empt Gordon's plan to seize the mobsters' funds. The Joker arrives unexpectedly, offering to kill Batman in return for half of the mob's money, an offer the mobsters refuse. In Hong Kong, Batman captures Lau and delivers him to the Gotham City police, where he agrees to testify against the mob. In retaliation, the mobsters hire the Joker to kill Batman and Lau. The Joker issues an ultimatum to Gotham, stating that if Batman does not reveal his identity to the public, people will die each day. When Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb and Judge Surillo, who was presiding over the mob trials, are murdered, Wayne decides to reveal his identity. Before he can, Dent announces at a press conference that he himself is Batman and is arrested as part of a plan to draw the Joker out of hiding. The Joker attempts to ambush the police convoy carrying Dent, but Batman and Gordon intervene and capture him. In recognition of his actions, Gordon is appointed police commissioner.

Later that night, Dent and Rachel disappear. At the police station, Batman interrogates the Joker, who reveals that their police escorts have placed them in warehouses rigged with explosives on opposite sides of the city, far enough apart so that Batman cannot save them both. Batman leaves to save Rachel, while Gordon and the police head after Dent. With the aid of a smuggled bomb, the Joker escapes with Lau. Batman arrives to save Rachel but instead finds Dent, having realized the Joker gave him reversed addresses. Batman successfully saves Dent, but the ensuing explosion disfigures Dent's face. Gordon arrives at Rachel's location too late, and she perishes when the bomb detonates. In the hospital, Dent's grief drives him to madness. Aboard a tanker, the Joker burns Lau to death atop a pile of the mob's money and has the Chechen killed, before taking control of his men. The Joker goes to the hospital and convinces Dent to exact revenge on the corrupt cops and mobsters responsible for Rachel's death, as well as Batman and Gordon.

After sparing the Joker, Dent goes on a personal vendetta confronting Maroni and the corrupt cops one by one, deciding their fates with the flip of a coin. The Joker announces to the public that anyone left in Gotham at nightfall will be subject to his rule. With the bridges and tunnels out of the city closed due to a bomb threat by the Joker, authorities begin evacuating people by ferry. The Joker places explosives on two of the ferries—one ferry with convicts, the other with civilians—telling the passengers the only way to save themselves is to trigger the explosives on the other ferry; otherwise, he will destroy both at midnight. Meanwhile, Batman locates the Joker and his hostages. Batman realizes the Joker has disguised the hostages as his own men, forcing Batman to attack both Gordon's SWAT team and the Joker's men in order to save the real hostages.

Meanwhile, the Joker's plan to destroy the ferries fails after the passengers on both decide not to destroy each other. Batman locates and subdues the Joker, but refuses to kill him. The Joker acknowledges that Batman is truly incorruptible, but that Dent was not, and his madness has been unleashed upon the city. Leaving the Joker for the SWAT team, Batman leaves in search of Dent. At the remains of the building where Rachel died, Batman finds Dent holding Gordon and his family at gunpoint. Dent judges the innocence of Batman, himself, and Gordon's son through three coin tosses. As a result of the first two flips, he shoots Batman in the abdomen and spares himself. Before Dent can determine the boy's fate, Batman, who was wearing body armor, tackles him, and they both fall over the side of the building — Dent appears dead. Batman and Gordon realize that the morale of the city would suffer if Dent's murders would become known. Batman persuades Gordon to preserve Dent's image by holding Batman himself responsible for the murders. Gordon destroys the Bat-Signal, and a manhunt for Batman starts.

(Cited from Wikipedia)

Love Joker, poor Heath Ledger. It was not bad of a movie though the earlier part of it was kinda bored. The celebration continued with a steamboat dinner =)

Yi Haur and Ren Sin, the Cold Jokes King =P

Alice, Karen, Ren Sin & Yi Haur

Me, Karen & Alice, the Cold Jokes Queen =P

Great Classmates

The Whole Gang (Ren Sin, Alice, Karen, Jerome, Yi Haur, Me & Qing Long)

There are actually more pictures to be posted, however all those pics were from Yong Zhang's camera. From the latest update, he has since passed those pics to his "lover", Ren Sin who has kept them since. Ren Sin, where are my pictures??

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday To ME

Happy Birthday To ME

Happy Birthday To ME, ME, ME 

Happy Birthday To ME