Tuesday, November 29, 2011



With a blink of an eye, you're already with Mummy for one year ;)

Won't make a big hooha over how F.A.S.T time flies as I have been emphasisin it in almost all posts. Hmm..

Curious to know who my baby is? :P

Here it comes! *ta da!*

iEJace ;)))


J got this for me less than two weeks after the First Date. Which means he bought this for me even before I agreed to be with him. Not meanin to brag, but a guy like him has ceased to exist, well, maybe except for my self-acclaimed top cousin, Nicholas, who happens to be a Scorpion as well. Believe in horoscope? *thoughts to ponder on*

I may might could have indirectly hinted that I was so super in love with iPhone 4 at that time as it was just launched not too long ago in Malaysia *evil grin* But honestly I never thought or rather believed a guy would spend such huge amount (iPhone is not cheap in M'sia :S) on a girl he knows yet not so well and who was not ready for a new relationship just yet. And he did it. This gesture is enormous, much more than I can accept, to say the least. Shows alot about a guy, don't you think? :)

Thinkin back now, my darlin is soooo swwweet eh? Hehe. Hence imagine my surprise when he popped over to my place in the middle of night after MIA-ing the whole night (he used to call me every evening..aww). I got to know later on that he MIA-ed just to look for the phone as it was still newly launched thus stocks were not aplenty. Standin on the doorway holdin that small lil box in his hands (nono, not ring, I was talkin bout the phone box lol) and he.. there you guess it..


I owned an iPhone! Like literally. Am I dreaming?? Omgoodness. This is so unbelievable! Kay kay, I know I m exaggeratin but that was real emotions oozin out of me at that very splendid moment. However though, all these emotions were only playin in my head. Haha. I was in fact dumbstruck in front of him. Part of me was so so so happy yet on second thoughts I knew fully well I should not accept the gift before acceptin him. Knowin J, he wouldn't take the phone back. It was a case of either I accept it or out to the thrash it goes. Of course I chose to accept :P

On another sweeter note (I didn't know if he could be any sweeter then, but now I know), he even chose the number so attentively. I thought he would pick a number similar to his, somethin like a couple number but no, he selected a number which has the same last four digits as my number. He wanted to find the same, needless to say, it wasn't easy. I was contented and still am for havin the Best Boyfriend in my world *on cloud nine*

Hot and Fresh from the Box! (not anymore though! hehe)

Since gettin this phone, I went on this crazy iPhone cases spendin spree. Most of them I bought durin my earlier trip to Hong Kong though (promise will update!) coz honestly there are basically none of the nice ones here unlike in HK. It's okay if it's not nice but the price? It's so unjustly ex. Not worth it at all. I only started spottin similar ones here few months after my trip. Obviously, at an awfully throat-cuttin price.

My First Ever!

Sorry for this blur pic. I left this case back in hometown.

Birthday gift ;)


Will try to scout for more gorgeous phone cases as my obsessive-compulsive-shopaholic-disorder will come back and haunt me at any time :P

Till then ❤

Friday, November 18, 2011


17th November 2010

<3 Our First Date <3

*knock head* Was it really ONE year dy?? *pinch face*

Yup, exactly one year ago yesterday was my First Date with J.

And no, it wasn't our 1st Anniversary.

Just our First Date :)

Unwillingly, I had to admit time and tide waits for no man. Though I m happy ecstatic that J and I are still goin strong despite all the obstacles we've been through, I shuddered at the thought of how time flies. I wish time will stop just so that I will have the time to smell the roses around me #wishfulthinking

One year ago on the date highlighted above, J asked me out on a date. Being good friends at that time, I had no whatsoever reservations towards him. Although, I did sense his *evil* intentions as he has been actin rather weirdly those few weeks :P (more about how we started soon to come ;)) However, I was tryin so hard to convince myself that I was just thinkin too much. Afterall, we have had been friends for four years. Why now right? Hmm.

Still remembered he dated me through MSN. We were chattin like usual and the topic of Harry Potter came up. Deathly Hallows Part I was on sneak preview the followin night and so he casually asked me if I wanted to watch it. The conversation went somethin like this..

J: You wanna watch Harry Potter?

E: You wanna date me?

J: If you don't chase me away.

E: So you're sayin that you really wanna date me?

J: Yes, no harm what.

E: Of course no harm. So when?

J: How about tomorrow?

The "tomorrow" happened to be a Public Holiday and so he dated me for one whole day on the pretext that he wanted to shop for some shirts n he needed my opinions. How lame :P We met up in Mid Valley as I was there earlier on to meet with my Carmen, my ex's younger sister whom I've already treated like my own.

Hence after the meetin with Carmen, I caught up with J who was already there. We then went to shop in G2000 where he bought two shirts and subsequently just shopped aimlessly. As the movie was startin only at 11++pm, we had our dinner first, as common sense would have it. We were at this restaurant named Alexis, those who are familiar with Bangsar would've heard of this. So at dinner, we continued chattin non-stop, just like any friends would do, however with one difference. We were both tryin to hint indirectly at each other in order to fish out important information. I was tryin to get to know him better (in case he was really interested in me, lol) while he on the other hand, was testin the waters to see if he had a chance to woo me (I only get to know bout this later on, in which he told me of course!)

After dinner, we proceeded to GSC Signature in The Gardens Mall, and since it was still early before the screening, we went on chatting (boy, can we really talk at that time, oh my). The movie was alright, much better than the previous one, and yes, I was excited, anticipatin if he was goin to make any move in the theater and no, disappointedly, he didn't. What a gentleman, I was thinkin to myself at that time. Lol.

But never did I know, I was in for the shock of my life. After the movie ended, we both went to the washroom and being the guy, usually he will be out first. And he did for sure, and was waitin for me at the escalator. As I was walkin towards him, I can so feel his eyes on me. Those "I-have-evil-thoughts-in-my-mind-right-now" eyes @.@ I walked up to him and he actually... *drumrolls*


I swear I never saw that comin. He held me so tightly as though if he ever let go, I'd disappeared into the thin air #exaggerating

That really sent shivers through the whole of me. I was surprised, shocked, scared, basically all sorts of mixed emotions bringin me on a whirlwind. What exactly had happened?

Due to the shock, I was speechless for some time. I kept absolute quiet. And surprisingly I never let go. I just stayed still. What was I thinkin? Honestly I myself don't know either.

He only let go when he needed to pay for the parkin ticket. Not before he grabbed my hand. Again. We walked to his car and.. everythin was a blur to me after that. Don't really remember what had happened but I guess we both just acted nonchalantly and pretended all's well.

Back to now, J and I wanted to reminisce that particular date and so we repeated all that we had done on that day. Mostly. Due to the fact that he has to work, no shoppin was involved this time :( We went back to have dinner at the same restaurant. Two idiots guys took our designated seats :S So we were forced to take another table.

J ordered the same dish, however being the fickle me, I ordered my fav dish. I told him I ordered the particular dish at that time just to be considerate to his wallet. Lol. After dinner, we went back to the same cinema and had our movie. This time we watched "The Adventures of Tintin" thinkin that it had the most similarity to Harry Potter, compared to all the other movies which were showin.

All in all, I m glad one year has passed and we are still together. Prayfully we will have the chance to do this again in many years to come ;)

Alexis =)

Iced Coffee

Hot Choco

Look at what J did to his straw! *gasps*

Seafood Pasta

Black Pepper Steak

Actin Cool =P


What's a One Year without a picture of us right?? ;))

I m blessed :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Last Kiss

Just wanna share ;)

I still remember the look on your face
Lit through the darkness at 1:58
The words that you whispered for just us to know
You told me you loved me
So why did you go away

Ooh away...

I do recall now the smell of the rain
Fresh on the pavement I ran off the plane
That July 9th, the beat of your heart
That jumps through your shirt
I can still feel your arms

But now, I'll go 
Sit on the floor wearing your clothes
All that I know is I don't know
How to be something you miss

I'd never thought we'd have our last kiss
I'd never imagined we'd end like this
Your name, forever the name on my lips

I do remember the swing of your step
The life of the party, you're showing off again
And I roll my eyes and then you pull me in
I'm not much for dancing, but for you I did

Because I love your handshake, meeting my father
I love how you walk with your hands in your pockets
How you kiss me when I was in the middle of sayin' something
There's not a day I don't miss those rude interruptions

And I'll go 
Sit on the floor wearing your clothes
All that I know is I don't know
How to be something you miss

I'd never thought we'd have our last kiss
I'd never imagined we'd end like this
Your name, forever the name on my lips

So I'll watch your life in pictures like I used to watch you sleep
And I feel you'll forget me like I used to feel you breathe
And I'll keep up with our old friends just to ask them how you are
I hope it's nice where you are

And I hope the sun shines and it's a beautiful day
And something reminds you, you wished you had stayed
You can plan for a change in weather and town
But I never planned on you changing your mind

So I'll go 
Sit on the floor wearing your clothes
All that I know is I don't know
How to to be something you miss

I never thought we'd have our last kiss
I never imagined we'd end like this
Your name, forever the name on my lips
Just like our last kiss

Forever the name on my lips
Forever the name on my lips

Just like our last

Friday, November 11, 2011


<3 I m OBSESSED with 11 <3

Believe it or not, I have been waitin for this day for 5 years. Yup, F.I.V.E freakin long years just for this date. Crazy I know. Haha.

I had initially thought I had found the love of my life then. And this date was SUPPOSEDLY my WEDDING date but I realised then it was on a Friday n thought it was rather inauspicious (bein the superstitious me coz I thought no church weddings were allowed on Fridays coz of Good Friday, which I later found out wasn't true, it was in fact not allowed on Sundays) and then changed it to my PROPOSAL date. Lol. Come to think of it, this was really a wishful thinkin on my part as the so-called love-of-my-life didn't even pay attention to it. And so, 11.11.11 slowly became nothin but just a date.

Until, the Boyfriend decided to surprise me right at 12 midnight (I wished he had waited for 1.11am :P) with a gift. I was speechless then. I should have seen through him n his lame excuse, "Baby, I think I've forgotten to lock my car. I better go check" after reachin my place for like 2 hours (how can that even happened??)

Nevertheless, I fell for his trick and was SURPRISED. Not only by the gift, but rather by his sincerity n thoughtfulness that he actually knew how I was so lookin forward for this date ;)) Hence, I just wanna say,



I hereby present you THE SURPRISE! :D

Ain't they cute? *awwwww*

Look at those pop-out eyes *squeals*

This one is super innocent :D

Princess!! <3

The name is a lil weird but nevertheless.. <3s!

Sweetest Boyfriend Ever ;)))

P.S: As I was typin this post, I had actually missed out my 11.11 pm!! *Too lost in those puppy eyes* Argghh.. How could I?? And I called the Boyfriend who is at work to whine bout this n he actually asked me to pray more instead of wishin *swt* Still love him though! :P

Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Bloggin from my iPhone now. Just wanna see what is it like ;)


Accordin to the title above, yes, I m still very much alive! Readin back all my posts made me realise once again, sadly but surely that I have unintentionally "killed" this blog, yet again. Despite my promises to update, update n update. Sigh.

My last real update was Christmas '10 (only Part 1, I didn't even know where n what's supposed to be Part 2, omgdness) and know what, Christmas 2011 is comin soon! And this also simply meant that I was "update-less" for the past one year :/

Won't make any resolutions for now but yea, I do have tons to update. Just need to get my determination up and runnin again.

Prayin that this sickness of mine will leave me much faster that I had initially anticipated :)

P.S: I m lovin this blog layout. Tried the new dynamic view. But all my widgets were lost due to the change. So being the computer idiot me, the easiest way out was revert :P That's it! No more narcissistic blog title! ;D

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Art of Photography

The art of photography, just like any other art, is identical to being in a relationship. It is beautiful, yet it can never be perfect. There will always be rooms for improvements.

The first moment you laid your hands on a DSLR feels like when you first fell in love with your partner. The rush of adrenaline, the uncontainable excitement and you can hardly wait to try everything with it. 

However, the first picture you took might be a disappointment for you are still a novice and have not acquired the correct techniques. Likened to the start of a relationship, everything is new, the joy is there, and nevertheless it is not picture-perfect. Thus, you keep trying; never fail to look for new methods and ways to obtain the ideal pictures. Until that one fine day when you have finally familiarized yourself with the camera and you are therefore at ease with it, the pictures you take will only turn out to be better and better.

In spite of the occasional dissatisfactions; the composition may be inaccurate, the lightings might be inappropriate yet you know these are changes that can be amended to further refine your skills. The same goes for coupledom. Akin to a technique in photography where the background is blur, however you will always know where your focus is since the foreground is clear and therefore will continue striving for perfection.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hong Kong Random

Just feel like sharing some random pics on the way to Disneyland. Well actually.. the truth is I didn't know what to do with all the pictures we've taken lol. So here they go..

Always only get to see them on TV but now finally get to see them in person!

Their menstrual pain panadol is packaged so nicely.