Saturday, December 08, 2012

Buon Viaggio Aloysius!

Back to KL after 6 months, to send cousie Aloysius off to Italy for his student exchange programme. Jelly max! How I wish I had the chance to go for a student exchange programme when I was young. Not that I m old now wtf, but I should have done that when I was youngER. Hahaha.

Didn't want to follow at first but decided otherwise since I could go shopping. Yay! Shopping wins over everythin. Hehe. Went up by bus with Mummy, Aloysius and Aunty Christina one day earlier as Aloysius has a briefing before departure. Acted as the tour guide since I was the only one who know the way around with public transport. The journey to the hotel alone was a disastrous one having to lug around so many luggages and it was really really inconvenient. KL, when exactly are you goin to improve our transportation system?

But, I digress. Reached hotel, wandered off to Bukit Bintang area as the only public transport we had near the hotel was the monorail. Had our dinner of the day at T-Bowl Concept Restaurant, a theme restaurant based on bathroom concept. Its interior design is basically based on bathroom items such as the toilet bowl being used as seat, basin as dining table and mini toilet bowls as food bowl. Not for the faint-hearted. Lol.

Chocolate Ice-cream On A Toilet Bowl!

Aloysius with his ice-cream

Mushroom soup in a bathtub. So special right?

Next day we went to Times Square to walk walk and took pictures of some of the Christmas decorations. And then it's shopping time! More like shopping for Christmas gifts time hehe.

Aunty Christina & Mummy

Had dinner at Kim Gary coz not sure what else was there to eat. Finally got to eat my favourite Korean Spicy Noodles a.k.a Instant Noodles wtf.

Went back to hotel to sleep after that and the next day we headed to the airport. Uncle Philip, Nicholas and Margaret were also on their way to KLIA, about the same time we departed from the hotel. They came up later than us as Uncle Philip needed to work and Nicholas had school. So we met up at KLIA and then it was goodbye to Aloysius!

After sending Aloysius off, we headed to Pudu for Fei Por Chicken Rice as it was one of the few shops that I could remember opening till late. Went back to hotel and I sneaked went out to meet YZ and Kelvin hehe. They came to fetch me and off to Changkat Bukit Bintang for drinks. Didn't quite remember the name of the bar as well as the drinks even though I did snap a few pics of them haha.

I was also able to pass my Christmas pressies for him, Shelly and Zoe to him. Mission accomplished, yay! Next two days we went to Sunway Pyramid, Petaling Street and also back to Bukit Bintang area before heading back JB. Brought Nicholas to Low Yat also since he's a geek and I was sure he would love it. Hehe. And yes, he was! Bought a few pressies from there, includin Nicholas's gift for me lol. Yes, I already knew what it was coz I chose it myself haha and I had to top up somemore wtf. Will reveal in another post :P

And then we went back to T-Bowl again to have lunch coz Aunty Christina wanted to bring the other cousies to check out the place.

Super cute doggie

Also, got the Lip Smacker Christmas Edition in Christmas stocking and it's pink! Major loves :x

Hello Kitty say tata!

Till then, x!

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The Love of My Life

Ever since I came back to JB, most of the time I m just enjoyin my princessey life at home (other than surfin Jobstreet and JobsDB) ;P Life is already considered great now that I can be home all the time but the downside is that I have nothin major to blog about. So I was rackin my brain tryin to come up with a good post for my blog when this awesome idea came to my mind.

Why not write about the love of my life?

It has been there for the longest time, lurkin around all corners of my eyes, yet each time I deny its existence until now, I realised I cannot undermine its tremendous influence anymore. I have fallen head over heels in love with it.

And who can it be none other than the World's Famous Cat 

Hello Kitty?

Those close to me will know I am bein surrounded by Hello Kitty all the time, other than pink stuffs. Maybe I should do a post on all things pink the next time :P My Hello Kitty stuffs have definitely accumulated over the years. Whenever I see somethin which has Hello Kitty on it, I will first scream in excitement and then I proceed to the purchasin part :D Thus I began searchin high and low for all the stuffs in which have the world's favourite cat on them just to snap pictures. Hehe. As I snapped along, I realised there are more and more of them hidden everywhere o_O

I will have myself believed that those pictured here are all the Hello Kitty stuffs that I own. For now only, obviously ;))


♥ Limited Edition Maybelline Hello Kitty Mascara

I missed this out the first time it was launched in Malaysia about two years back. Mummy had wanted to buy it for me and I said NO. What on earth went through my mind at that time which made me say no puzzles me still. Perhaps my love for Hello Kitty then was not as deep as now. Hehe. So now I m not goin to let it go just like that. Lol. But this time I bought it myself with my Hello Kitty debit card! (will be revealed later on :D)

Accordin to the salesgirl in Watson's, the only difference between this and the one I did not manage to get is the brush.

The packagin is too cute for words!

How can you ever resist a wink like that? ;)))

So Pink! Made just for me. Lol.

Kitty says no lash curler needed! :D

Apparently as can be seen from the pic above, no curler is needed prior applyin the mascara. So powerful eh? Can't wait to try out n see if it really works that way! :)

♥ M.A.C Hello Kitty Blusher ♥

A Christmas gift from Aunt Annie :) See, those who are close to me will know how much I heart my Kitty cat :D

Super cute can!

Secret Love Hello Kitty Lip Balm ♥

Got this from Sasa durin a trip to Hong Kong last year. Kinda regretted not buyin more though, if I m not wrong it only costed a few ringgits. Saw similar ones back here in Tangs Pavilion before they relocate to One Utama and obviously the price is steeper. Love the smooth texture which comes with a hint of strawberry smell. Taste good too :P Yums! Lol.

The lip balm itself is of similar colour (darker) to the baby pink as can be seen from the packagin


♥ Secret Love Hello Kitty Body Lotion & Shower Gel ♥

Bought this from Sasa HK as well. Got enchanted with its cuteness and all so I guess I had purchased it for fun. What a spendthrift I am. Haha. But but.. they have plus points! Which are the super cute miniature Hello Kitty mobile straps :D Guess, I got cheated again >.<

The blue coloured tube is the Body Lotion whereas the pink one is the Shower Gel

See, cute right? I didn't get cheated for nothin. Lolol. 

This pink cutie came together with the pink tube! Major loves.

♥ Hello Kitty Body Wash 

Again, a Christmas gift from someone who nearly became my sister-in-law. Honestly I need to thank her for bringin me into the world of Hello Kitty. So, thank you, wherever you are right now :) She bought this huge tub of body wash for me and I kept it for God knows how long until Mummy decided to throw it away after she deemed it unusable :/

Look ma, I have a butterfly print dress on! ;)

Koto Parfums Hello Kitty Sweet Collection Miniature Perfume ♥

A Christmas gift. Yea, I know right?!! I m such a lucky girl. Lol. So many gifts. At first I was ponderin over why everyone  loves buyin me Hello Kitty stuffs even before I pledged undyin love for it but after awhile I give up tryin to find an answer. I'll just embrace all the gifts with open arms. I m extremely grateful for the gifts I've received and will be receivin. So gifts, feel free to come. More please. Lolol.

This was bought durin inflight shoppin coz it is supposed to be travel retail exclusive hence we cannot find anywhere else. Is it? Hmm.. I m not too sure also. But I have seen it being sold separately over the counter in FOS though.

From someone who once mattered alot and still matters as much <3

A matchin miniature card 

This is how the bottles are supposed to look like. 
I wouldn't know, coz they are still wrapped nicely in the original packagin! :P






 Hello Kitty Casings ♥

I have quite a number of accessories for my bff, and am always scoutin for more. Even the first case I bought when I got my iPhone was a Hello Kitty one!  Still remembered it bein quite exp albeit rather plainly and made of rubber silicone :/

My first casing!

Bought a Kitty pouch also ;)

Case #2

Case #3

Case #4

Hello Kitty Anti- Dust Plug 

This cute lil thing enthralled me when I walkin at pasar malam one day. But soon I realised that it was quite fragile with its height and as I love to chuck my things, includin my phone, into my bag, it sometimes fell off unbeknownst to me. So I've decided to just keep it as decoration purposes, bein nicely displayed in my wardrobe :)

Hi all, I m the Statue of Liberty :D

 Hello Kitty Handphone Strap ♥

Yong Zhang got this for me from Saint Anne's Church Penang. He gave me this durin Chinese New Year so a red packet can be seen in the pic. A Hello Kitty one somemore. Lol. So thoughtful of him. Haha.

Kitty in a heart with a cross. My ultimate combo <3


 Hello Kitty Plush Toys ♥

All in all I have had three hugeee Hello Kitty soft toys before I've decided to give one away to my cousin when Mummy complained about lack of space. She didn't know where to stuff my stuffed toys *haha bein punny* It was okay though since the one I gave away was gifted to me by someone whose stuff is not worthy for me to keep anymore.

No longer mine 

Birthday gift from my closest uni mates. I got star!

A token of love

 Hello Kitty 12 Chinese Zodiac Figurines ♥

Never regret buyin these from one of the shoppin streets in Hong Kong. They are super super cute! Don't believe me? Let the pics judge for themselves! Lolol.

Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit

Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat

Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig

All 12 together. Extremely cute right??!

I had to google the zodiac signs' arrangement before displayin them lol #fail

 Hello Kitty Glow-In-The-Dark Figurines ♥

My first Christmas gift from Koko! As far as I can remember la. Haha. They are placed strategically next to the 12 Zodiac Signs and still glowin brightly up to today, even after three years :D


 Hello Kitty Intimate Panty Liners ♥

It's funny that I even collected panty liners boxes. Hahahaha. And I still have one box left. Hmm *greedy*

Truly Understands.. Lolol

They should come out with pads also. Then I confirm only use this brand!

 Hello Kitty Premiere Tissue ♥

Mummy bought all the pocket tissues as well as the box tissues with my Hello Kitty on them! And no, I did not instigate her to do it. She ownself willingly buys them without my knowledge. That's why I love my Mummy so so so much!! Hahaha. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out Premiere came out with Hello Kitty toilet paper. Lolol. I had only bought it once though, when I was in KL coz I know mummy doesn't use this brand's toilet paper :D

Nerdy Kitty

Sweetie Kitty

Pocket Tissues

The Toilet Paper! Lol. 
Ee Von actually called me a Hello Kitty maniac when I posted this up on Instagram :P

Side View

 Hello Kitty Sanitary Pad Pouch ♥

Got this from Jonker Street Malacca where they sell pad holders like this 3 for RM10. It's super cheap as compared to those sellin in shops and online. So I've gotten like 6 pouches now so each of my bag will have one. Extremely convenient and you won't be afraid of anyone stumblin upon those unsightly beings when they ransack your bags. Haha. Can store up to three pads :)

How would anyone know it's for pads if I don't tell?

 Hello Kitty Towel ♥

Needless to say anythin much, everyone knows what a towel is for. Hahaha.

Still brand new!

 Hello Kitty Toes Separators ♥

Michelle got this for me for Christmas (yes I know again but please do not get bored just yet! :)) At first I thought it was pad since it was nicely wrapped and was so light. Lolol. And I kept teasin her there and then itself.

Happy pedicure-ing!

 Hello Kitty Contact Lens Case ♥

Got this from Daiso! Only left two when I chanced upon it. Lucky me but poor JB only got one Daiso I think. But never mind, it's good enough. Can also curb my spendin power :P I can stay for hours in Daiso alone, when I was still in KL =.= 

The packagin

It even comes with a Hello Kitty zipped lock bag!

Love love the colour! Baby pink <3


 Hello Kitty Purse ♥

I had been changin my purses once every year and before I finally settled down with my pink Gucci purse, I have had two Hello Kitty wallets. I only have pic of one of them though and it's not clear :(

 Hello Kitty Card Holder 

My cards are countless. Just those discount and membership cards. Debit cards not counted. I basically subscribe to all the membership cards that I could laid my hands on, regardless whether there is any subscription fees. From J Card, Tesco Card, One Card to Popular Card, Borders Card, Starbucks Card, B Card, Worldcard etc etc

Not sure when Lily (koko's girlfriend) realised the amount of cards I have and she bought me a Hello Kitty cardholder! Glitterin and pink, what's not to like about it? Before this I was only using the card holder bought from Daiso. Hehe.

*Bling Bling*

Wow. Writin this post took me such a long long time and I m not even done with it yet! Guess I will just continue with the random Hello Kitty stuffs in the next post (to accumulate more posts haha) 

And I need to apologise for the lack of quality in all the pictures. All of them were took with my iPhone and editted with various apps. And I did not realise then that all these photo editors shrunk my photos' quality to an unacceptable state. Which reminds me to stop bein lazy so that it's time to whip out my DSLR/Digital camera (again) and start camwhorin snappin away! :D