Tuesday, January 03, 2012

New Year's Eve Countdown I


First time countin down to a new year with love, brother + girlfriend and cousies.

Overseas somemore. 

Lol. Actually that overseas is only around 20 mins journey from where I stay. Went to Singapore, more accurately Universal Studios Singapore to usher in 2012. Been wantin to go there since it opened few years back, but no chance there. So when J decided to spend one week with me in JB from Christmas till New Year, I saw the perfect opportunity to plan my much-awaited trip :D

Slept at 3am n woke up at 5am to prepare. Only two hours of sleep #omgdness Was worried bout the jam n all since it was New Year's Eve but thank God everythin went smoothly ;))) Mummy a.k.a the livin GPS was not with us so we have to rely on our own to make our way to Sentosa. Did not dare to switch on my iPhone since the last nightmare in Hong Kong (5 mins = MYR 100++ in data charges) which scared the hell out of me. Luckily brother has offline GPS in his SII :)

Some camwhore pics to kill boredom ;)

While waitin at the Checkpoint office

Jessica who has inevitably mastered the camwhore art

My narcissistic Boyfriend literally "stole" my phone to camwhore #unbelievable 
This was his first time! :P

We were on the road for almost half an hour n thought we were lost but luckily we saw the sign. Almost there but a single sentence from Margaret caused us to make a U-turn :/ Nevertheless everyone took the opportunity to blame her, as always. Haha.

Lots of pics of the Singapore Flyer! And no I m not 'suaku', just thought the view was nice with the natural lighting n all #selfdeceiving


A replica of the Merlion

We've reached! It was only 9am ++ but people were already throngin at the entrance. And we thought we were early since it opened at 10am #swt

We parked our car at the Beach parkin lots since accordin to Aloysius, it was the cheapest among all. Took a monorail to USS. At first we assumed the entrance was still close so we were loiterin around outside takin pictures but who knew there were already large crowds in USS itself. Frantically, we went to have our tics scanned and we were finally inside! :D

Some pics outside of USS ;)

At the monorail station

Inside the monorail: Margaret, Nicholas, Jessica, Aloysius

J & I

Koko & Lily

The die-die-must-take-picture famous globe :P

At the entrance

To be continued.. ;))