Tuesday, February 25, 2014

One Night In Muar

初三! Went to Muar, 자기야's hometown, on the third day of CNY, to pay his family a visit. And it was my first time. Not to Muar though, as I had been there before when I was young as my family used to buy pastries from their well-known local shop, Yong Sheng. Rather, it was my first time meeting The Parents. I have seen pictures on Facebook; his younger siblings all added me. Still, it was somethin to be nervous about for me (◕ˇ0ˇ◕。)

Being the good girlfriend that I m, *ahem*, I suggested to 자기야 that I would take a morning bus up to Muar by myself  since the journey from JB will only take at most 2.5 hours, which was considered easy peasy considerin the fact that I always travel to and fro KL-JB.

I usually arrived at the bus station 15 minutes before departure time, but this time round, I was a lil late. Only five minutes left before the bus was due to leave, I was in a state of panic. All because it was my first time takin the bus to Muar and I did not know where the bus was and I couldn't find it. The woman at the counter was of no help at all, instead I got a scoldin from her. Bleh! But thank God for Daddy, my superhero, he managed to find the bus for me and off I went. Obviously I was the last passenger they were waitin for -.-

Like I've mentioned just now, I will always try to arrive early just so that I could go toilet and be well-prepared, even though buses to KL will usually make a stopover for toilet breaks. Assuming that it will be the same, I held my bladder since I did not manage to go to the toilet before going up the bus, thinkin that the bus will soon stop for toilet break. How wrong was I! In the end, I had to bear with the unbearable urge until I reached Muar. 

Had lunch at 자기야's home, got grilled by relatives, haha! and then had a touristy visit around town with 자기야. And what's a trip to Muar without these?


Usually only get to eat these either at mamaks or hawkers, so was happy to finally have the chance to try the famous otak-otak in Muar. True to its popularity, it was so nice that I actually ate about 20 sticks myself and bought another 100 to bring back to JB :D

This is the famous street whereby most otak-otak stalls are situated at. Despite staying in Muar most of his life, 자기야 didn't know which stall is the most famous one so we ended up tryin those stalls with the most customers before deciding on which to buy from.

We then had dinner at Restaurant Ting Ting 津津生鱼米粉 to have an advance birthday celebration for 자기야's Mum. As it was Chinese New Year, hence they only offered set dinners so we had one of the 7-course dinner. Apparently it was one of the famous restaurants in Muar. Dinner was overall delicious.

After dinner, The Siblings actually asked me, "Can we take pictures with you?" which really shocked me haha. So we ended up taking selfies outside the restaurant with 자기야 being the photographer which explained why he was not in any of pictures below lol.

EJace's Thread of the Day #etotd: Peplum Top from Padini, Shorts from Kitschen, Jelly Ballerina Flats from Jelly Bunny, Bag from Taiwan

After dinner, 자기야 brought me to have a walk around the riverside. We were at this Clock Tower area when we saw alot of people flying kites there, yes, at night when I chanced upon this kite-decorated tree. Special, right? Lol.

After the romantic walk, we then have our supper at one of the cafes in Muar (they really have alot of cafes here). 자기야 decided on this Lotta Cafe. It's like a big bungalow house with indoor and outdoor seating. They have tables set outside on the garden and we actually ate in the dark. No pictures taken except of a piece of cake. Haha. The food was slightly overpriced though and not exactly that exceptional.

Apparently 자기야's best buddies wanted so much to meet me that they actually created a Whatsapp group named "All About Yeong's Gf". Hahaha. Can't believed it until 자기야 showed it to me. So we had a drinking session at another cafe, Read Cafe. Told ya, Muar really has alot of cafes. Gave his buddies a chance to grill me, lol. Drank till 2a.m before heading back to sleep. And with that, ended my one night in Muar :)

Till then, x!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Everything Is Awesome!

My mood right now.

Everything is awesome when we're living our dream. And my dream is slowly takin its place right now. I can't wait to know what the next second will bring me.

Thank you my dear Good Lord. Forever grateful.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Day He Made Me Roses

Me love roses. Then again, who doesn't right? Real, fresh, fake, plastic, paper; it does not really matter to me though I would love a variety of it. Contradictin I know. Haha.

Today marks the first time 자기야 personally handmade flowers for me! Reached one of the many milestones in our relationship for the past 10 months. Gosh, only 10 months yet at times I feel like we've been together for a long long time, like 10 years or so?

Anyway, when we first started off being together, he made a promise to buy me somethin for every monthsary of ours. First three months we bought gifts for each other, handmade cards and did all those lovey dovey stuff. Slowly but expectedly, we slacked off after that. Then 자기야 decided to buy me a rose every month to mark that special date and that also he slacked off wtf. From one rose a month, it slowly became one rose every two months. Not that I mind, coz as cliché as it sounds, it's still the thoughts that count afterall ;) He is already considered much much better than me, I did absolutely nothin after the third month #dieinshame #whyamIsolazy

Let me unabashedly admit this. I sort of asked him to make me the roses. How, you may ask. I sent him links on how to make origami flowers -.- The roses he made were actually meant for Valentine's Day. I suggested to him that he should make the roses instead of buyin them due to the high cost of flowers durin the love season. Since I knew he was gonna buy me roses anyway, why not find a cost-saving way right? And I love origami. I have made some origami flowers for his younger sister's graduation too but that's a story for another day.

Sadly but not so sadly, he did not manage to finish makin the flowers in time for V day (I knew it!) Of course I let it go since I did not buy or do anythin for him either #letmedieinshameagainplease And then he surprised me. On our TENTH monthsary :D It's more like one stone killin two birds for him haha. Let you win this time, baby!

What to do with the flowers that were so prettyy? Everythin he does is beautiful to me, don't puke please :P Else than sayin numerous thank-yous with my oh-I-m-so-in-love face, I guess all that was left to do was SELFIES. Lots of them. Hahaha.

Wonder when will be the next time I receive flowers again. Hmm. Hint hint lol.

Till then, x!

Happy Horsie New Year

Chinese New Year every year has been pretty much the same now that I've fully grown into adulthood. And yes, it sucks big time. Gone are the excitement, the 'I-cannot-wait-to-wear-my-new-clothes' anticipation and the craving for bak kwa. And lesser angpows wtf. The only thing that makes me look forward to Chinese New Year is the time I will be spendin with all my family members. I believe nothin can be more precious than that.

White horsies at my office area!

And not forgettin, beloved Grandma's homecooked food! *drools* CNY foodies' pictures in another post later! Fingers crossed wtf. First up, picture-heavy post!

Chinese New Year Eve

Had reunion dinners at both maternal and paternal grandmas' house as this has been our custom for the past don't know how many years. And I loved this arrangement. Coz I got to eat delicacies from both sides and that was just pure bliss. Glutton me was so very pleased.

Decorations at home. My tradition to buy the couple ornaments based on the animal year.

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.

Chinese New Year Day 1

Woke up at around 7a.m., excitedly changed into New Year dress, wished Daddy and Mummy 'Happy New Year', got my angpows and off we went to church. Well.. that pretty much summed up my mornin. 

Sorry for the blur pic ><

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Pony & Rainbow Earrings

And while on the way to church..

Oh yea, forgotten to show off my manicure! Prettyy not?! I super super love it even though it was bought from a pasar malam. Never mind the cheap price and quality so long it makes me feel happy and it did!

After church, we went back to grandma's and I m not sure since when we are into takin pics, alot of pics to be exact, we took our first selfie as one big family! Using just a high stack of chairs, Koko's Note 3 and masking tape. Hehe.

Next are pictures with grandma!

Candid photos :D

Our house 五朵花

We love our grandma!

That's it! After the photoshoot session, we just continued with our usual 拜年 routine and then went back to grandma's for dinner and "investment" get-together lol. Played heart attack with cousies as well and Margaret lost!

Pic or it did not happen wtf

Chinese New Year Day 2
Second day was much simpler, slept till the sun burned my butt only I was willin to wake up. Head over to grandma's in the evenin while the others all went to church. So we are officially the devils. Hehehe. Taught Margaret how to "invest" and she ended up sittin at the table for 5 hours wtf.

Grandma won the last game and off we went to have our annual reunion supper at E&Y which is basically a mamak lol. The aneh had a very hard time takin our orders haha.

That's all for my 初一 and 初二. To be continued..

Till then, x!