Monday, June 21, 2010

Heart to Heart

I showed you my moody face, I talked to you the way I didn't mean to but I still did. I knew I m already feelin better but somehow deep inside me I wanted more, somethin in which I myself am clueless about. Just when I thought everythin was just it, you surprised me by bringing me to our favourite spot in the city, a place full of serenity. You told me you were out of ideas of tryin to make me feel better. We sat down, on the grass, beneath the stars, facing the lake. Had the first ever heart to to heart talk in peace. I really don't know how to thank you.


Sunday, June 20, 2010


I understand you're very worried bout me, to the extent you're pissed off at yourself for bein unable to do anythin. You might not show, but I know. I m sorry.

Happy Father's Day

I just called daddy to wish him a Happy Father's Day. I hate myself for not bein able to be home, the same when I wasn't home for Mother's Day. Daddy always gave in to my demands, no matter how ridiculous they are, unlike mummy. Mummy is the rationale one coz she knows how demandin I can be. Sometimes I wonder why must daddy give in to me? He never judges me, forever forgivin regardless the severity of my mistakes. Daddy, I really wish I can make you proud one day. Sorry for bein the daughter that I am. Thank you for everythin, every single thing you've done for me. I love you, more than you'll ever know. I thank God for blessin me with you.

Friday, June 18, 2010


My mood is so so down now. My pms should be over by now but why do my emotions still go up and down so suddenly like a rollercoaster? Is it just coz I m tired? Sigh.. Everythin seems so not right now, not that my life is in a mess. Just the feeling of incompleteness. So many things undone. I wanna settle everythin asap!! When can I start feelin happy again? Sigh. I m goin to have class soon. Guess I m gettin used to goin online in uni whenever I can. Not good not good :(

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Tired but Blessed :)

So many updates more and I've only reached like half of it?? Sigh.. Classes are killin me now as they are all in the time range of 8am to 7pm everyday, except Monday where I only have a 2 hours lecture (it's stupid, I can tell you) n Wednesday which is my day off. Not worth celebratin though coz these free days are supposedly my assignments days in which I have to start dealin with them. This is like only the second week of the semester but assignments started piling up like mad. Was down with sore throat yesterday. Tonsils were swollen which eventually brought fever n body aches along. Despite bein sick, I actually felt blessed knowin that there are people caring bout me :) So do bear with me as I find my time to update the rest of my updates :P

Update 6: Redang Day 1 Part 2- Reached!

Continuing from the previous post, we've finally endured the two torturous hours of being stranded and managed to get on the bus which has been pre-arranged to bring us to the jetty. As we had booked our rooms in Redang Reef, therefore we had to wait at the designated jetty just for the resort. In short, every resort will have their own jetty. I guess this should be an easier way to differentiate as it saves both the time and energy of tourists as well as boatmen. The boat did not come immediately once we reached. We still needed to wait for bout 45 mins. All we did for the past night was nothin but wait. Sigh.

However, one thing that kept us motivated was the hope that the island will be worth the wait. At last we reached after about a half an hour journey and yea, it definitely did not let us down :) The translucent seawater was somethin we do not see everyday or anywhere in the city. We could actually see right through the water! Imagine that. For those who have been to Redang would have known exactly what I m talkin bout :) Despite my weariness, I wished I could jump off into the water there n then itself.


Briefing time :)

Many would've killed me if they knew that I've actually skipped the first snorkelling session! Oh gosh, why did I ever do that? Two words: Indescribable tiredness :((( Prior to the trip, I've already had insufficient sleep. To make matters worse, Darl fell sick with fever just the night before :( As the session was scheduled at 2pm and lunch was at 12pm, thus the both of us decided to get some rest first after lunch. I did set alarm but.. obviously it was pointless. And there goes my first snorkelling session. 

My disappointment was not that great though as I've participated in snorkellin session before when my family brought me to Tioman Island. So it was then considered a little compensation to my disappointment :P Dinner was at 7pm sharp and it was of buffet style but not self service, except for the rice. The dishes could be replenished though, according to your appetite. Apparently the workers scooped more dishes onto girls' plates as compared to guys :P My guy friends were screamin of unfairness. Haha. That's only one of the small advantages of being a girl :D 

Food was okay, not too bad not extremely nice. Some people said Laguna's one was better. Gotta try it one day if I m goin back to Redang n stayin there. After dinner we moved on to the beach and started our camwhoring session :P Took pictures at the More More Tea Inn. For those who've watched the Cantonese movie "Summer Holiday" will know what is it about. Hehe. We ended our night at around 10pm as everyone was already tired. Well, we needed all the energy we could summon to continue our fun tomorrow! :D


Update 5: Redang Day 1 Part 1- Stranded!


Redang! My friends and I have organised a trip to Pulau Redang, one of the distinctive islands in Malaysia. I was no doubt in a super excited mood ever since we paid for the package in March and subsequently went for the trip in May. This trip was the motivation for me to go through the entire semester :D Now for the prologue of the trip. We took a night bus in Hentian Putra at 10pm. That was the first time I've been to that station, I didn't even know it exists. It was hot beyond description n as we were all early, therefore we nearly became roasted chickens there n then itself :(

 Pictures at the bus station as well as in the bus

The day we left for Redang was coincidentally Darl's birthday   I had custom-made a PSP cake specially for him since he always called the console his "scandal" n loves "her" to the point that he could actually breathe, eat n sleep with it :P It was a whoopin 3kg cake. I really have to thank Joseph, Yi Haur, CK n also Ren Sin for helpin me carry the cake. It was no doubt really heavy. I had a hard time hidin the cake from him n lyin what was in the box so we decided to get it over n done fast :P We sang the birthday song not long after we got up the bus. He looked so surprised, not. Haha. Hope you like it darl :))

This is the part where we were stranded. We reached Kuala Terengganu at around 4am and apparently the earliest bus available that can fetch us to the jetty is at 7.30am. So we had like 3 hours to spare in the middle of nowhere in the dead of night? Gosh. We spent almost an hour at the bus station then moved on to the guesthouse of the travel agency where we had the whole rooftop all to ourselves. Not entirely though coz there were several others who arrived later on. The result: we managed to turn the rooftop into a gambling den with no money involved of course. The pictures speak for themselves :)