Saturday, April 19, 2014


I hope the above title is correct for I directly translated it with Google Translate :P Just for the fun of it since 자기야 always believed he is Korean with identity crisis lol.

Honestly I never thought we will make it until today. If it wasn't for your sincerity and the much needed laughter you brought into my life, this first anniversary would never have happened.

Thank you Bii (FYI, we never wanted to copy the Korean singer, really! We didn't even know he existed, FHL, before we created this name for each other) for everythin you have done for me the past 365 days.

Here are a few things that I want you to know that I am truly appreciative of your efforts as they have made and are still making me the luckiest girl on earth, just by being with you ♥

Thank you for always making me laugh regardless of how bad the situation is or how pissed off I am during arguments.

Thank you for loving me still despite my constant PMS, ramblings, nagging, complaining, bitching, gossiping etc

Thank you for tolerating me all the time when I am always tryin to lecture you on the way of life just because I m the older one.

Thank you for willingly take all kinds of selfie with me all the time so long I want to. 

Thank you for buying me a stalk of rose on our every monthsary (you do skip but I love you too much to keep scores haha)

In spite of it all, our love has only grown stronger and I believe the future is bright enough for us to take our baby steps towards it together, hand in hand :)


Till then, x!


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