Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Another Year of Blessings

Ahem one year older, again! Not someone who resents gettin older but still.. it freaks me out that the BIG 3-0 is nearin! Nevertheless, after reelin in from shocks and disbeliefs of tragedy happenin after tragedy lately, I m honestly, truly glad just to be alive. And I really thank the Good Lord for His blessings.

Due to the fact that 자기야's birthday was very low profile this year, reason being I was seriously a shitty girlfriend, didn't manage to get anythin planned except for a simple surprise by his buddies and I didn't even buy him any birthday gift! Someone kill me please :'(, so I made him promise that he is not to do anythin for my birthday this year as well. Until I get to make it up to him, that is.

But knowin him, he will definitely come up with somethin, however littlest it seems and and knowin me who will somehow get disappointed if he didn't wtf. Contradictin I know but I can live with that haha. However though, my birthday week was not off to a good start. First, I fell on the road last weekend and was gifted with some "pretty" scars on my right knee. Then my period came one day before my birthday. And it didn't help that my raging hormones were cryin for a release and decided that it was the perfect time for a good fight with 자기야. So I was bawling my eyes out when the clock stroked twelve while my dear boyfriend was soundly asleep. Thinkin back now, it was just too stupid! The fight nonetheless. Haha.

Anyway, the next day I received the roses delivery 자기야 was secretly plannin all along! Actually, I kinda guessed it wtf lol. Coz before this, I saw Chloe's instagram pic posing with flowers and secretly openly envied her coz her boy specially arranged flowers delivery for her. And I quietly loudly hinted complained to 자기야 on why he never does it for me hahaha. But when I questioned him after I've gotten the roses, he said he remembered nothin of the sort. God really bless him with a goldfish memory :/

My beautiful roses!

And I've forgotten to mention that 자기야 had his company dinner on my birthday, when else, sigh. Talk bout negative law of attraction! So I didn't get to wait for him to cut my birthday cake. We only had a simple dinner the day before at this AnMour Cafe Concept, prior to the fight hehe. Nicholas brought me to the Sutera branch twice and Jessica told me there is one branch in Mount Austin (nearer to my house) as well. 자기야 and I then went exploring and found it. Food was not spectacular, but overall it was okay and reasonable.

My grilled chicken chop with wedges and mashed potatoes as side dishes

자기야's salmon with mashed potatoes and pasta as side dishes

The flower delivery guy was such a weirdo! He had to ask me twice if I m Elaine Chai. Do I not look like some guy will send me flowers?! Granted, I was not dressed to the nines but still.. wtf. 자기야 also made me a lovely card and the guy was nice enough to put it inside a Hello Kitty plastic bag. I asked 자기야 if he was the one who gave the guy the plastic bag and he said no. Okay now I take back my complaint bout him hahaha.

I can has love voucher!

Told 자기야 that he had basically stolen all my ideas; the 3D pop cut-out and the love voucher. This just proves that I m just lazier and 자기야 was one step ahead of me. So what do one do with such a huge bouquet of pink roses? Selfies of course, duh! Hahaha. It took me such great effort just to fit my face and the whole bouquet into one frame. So must show off lol.

Ending the post with the roses <3

Till then x!

Dear Lord, I wish that happiness will always be upon me. Amen.


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