Friday, August 01, 2014

How The Name Jayden and Bii Came About

So 자기야 has officially adopted the name Jayden and even changed it on Facebook. Friends and buddies who have known him for centuries were quite surprised and kept on makin fun of him with comments like, "Who is Jayden?" "Hi, Mr. Jayden" etc hahaha.

Well the name Jayden was suggested by me coz the names that 자기야 came out with sucks hahaha. Truth to be told, I had always wanted to name my son Jayden. Err since three or four years ago. Kiasu max haha. So I told 자기야 how he had stolen his own son's name lol. Or rather how gracious of me to gift him my son's name lolol.

And no, it wasn't because of the Hong Kong TVB drama 'Triumph In The Skies II' in which Julian Cheung Chi Lam's character's name was Jayden Koo like how everyone 자기야 knows has assumed. Chi Lam is much more cuter kay. Hahaha. I have loved him since I watched my first drama of him at the age of 10! Louis Koo acted in the show too, before he was charcoalfied and he had long hair back then. I still remembered how the girlfriends and I used to debate in the school canteen over who is more handsome haha. Those were the days.

Now that 자기야 has unabashedly stolen my son's name, I've come to love the name Julian hahaha. I actually googled for 'Unique Baby Boys Name' wtf. And again, no, not because of Chi Lam even though I do hope that he will grow up as cute as him. That dimples *drool*

Before I got together with 자기야, i.e when we were at the ambiguous stage, we tried callin each other typical endearments such as dear and sweetie. I've always loved my other half to call me baby but somehow 자기야 did not :/ He did call me BB though but I don't like the look of it haha. Then I decided to come up with one that sounds the same but looks nicer lol. And that's how Bii came about. After using it for some time, 자기야 told me that there's a Korean singer with the same name. I m totally not a K-pop fan but the nickname has since stuck with us.

자기야 recently started callin me cutie pie and I called him naughty boy coz sometimes he really annoys me to the max haha.

Love my naughty boy!

Till then, x!


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