Saturday, March 15, 2014

From Friend to Stranger

I m currently feelin a lil upset now. I wish I can find out what happened to my friendship with you but I just cannot seem to fathom the gap now, nor can I understand the difference in our relationship right now.

It has since been for four years that we are friends, so why only now we notice the differences? Is it then considered irreconcilable? Is it because of me gettin attached? I still remembered when you said he's not good enough for me. You judged before you even tried to understand. I was so pissed back then but I let it go. Then again, I was in and out of relationships the entire four years we are friends. So that cannot be the reason already right?

So is it then because of your chosen lifestyle? That differ from mine and all traditional views? I m not sure what to think anymore. If it was not because of your hypocrisy, we might still be able to save this. We might still be able to go back to the past. Though not entirely the same but at least, we can still maintain the closeness.

If only you have been honest from the start.

If only.


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