Sunday, March 16, 2014

Twelve Cupcakes And A Double Movie Date

Been quite some time since I have been on a real date with 자기야, probably because we are basically dating everyday considering the fact that we work together. And while it may seem a good thing to be able to see your boyfriend everyday, better than boyfriends whose whereabouts are often unknown (yes, I have dated someone like that), it does have its downside also.

We got lazy :( Lazy to plan for date nights. Lazy to be oh-so-romantic. It has even become hard for us to decide on what to eat. Sigh. What's worse, dates have become rather expensive these days. Even a simple breakfast of eggs and toast can cost up to MYR20 :(

But luck got on my side one night when out of boringness, I stumbled upon the Maxis Rewards app again in my phone. Why again? Coz I had it in my phone for a while now ever since Maxis sent an email notifying me about this app. And I had used it to redeem two Buy One Free One TGV Cinemas movie tickets before this.

 Maxis Rewards

Well.. even though Maxis' data connection sucks once in awhile and I have made several complaints through Twitter, undeniably the deals in this app has really helped me in saving quite a bit. And through the night, I have downloaded quite a few passes. But of course I wouldn't missed out the TGV movie tickets deal again since its promo end date is 31st March. Hehe.

Two movies, two persons for the price of MYR20 only. On weekends somemore. Never mind that we were unable to snuggle on a couple seat like we usually do :P Normally a standard seat ticket alone will cost MYR16 each. So we managed to save MYR44 on movie tickets :D

Started off with the movie Need For Speed, which was all about cars, speed and races as deduced from the movie title itself. Movie plot was pretty predictable, hence other than admiring those beautiful and powerful cars, nothing much to shout about for me except that I've learnt of some new models of Ferrari and Lamborghini that are different from the ones I usually see on the street. And I love the white Hummer! 자기야 said it appeared just to be banged. Lol. I m so goin to own one one day. Definitely.

As for 300: Rise Of An Empire, only one word to describe: VIOLENT. But somehow as violent as it was, I seriously believed the movie was too violent until the extent that my fear was nowhere to be found during the whole movie. Nevertheless, I was in awe of the CGI that was considerably flawless and truly admirable. Both movies are some of 자기야's favourite genres hence he should have more valid comments than me. Lol.

And.. I finally got to buy Jamie Teo and Daniel Ong's Twelve Cupcakes! Been following their Twitter regularly, knew that they were expandin to Malaysia but not sure when and where until I first saw it at Sunway Pyramid. Hesitated and ended up not buyin. Saw another branch again at One Utama and didn't buy it too. Until this time, finally bought it with Maxis Rewards deal; Buy Two Free One. So three cupcakes for the price of MYR12 :)

 Twelve Cupcakes

Pretty Much? 
Top: Cookies and Cream; Middle: Red Velvet; Bottom: Chocolate Chocolate

Instagrammed the pic and also tagged Jamie and Dan, was so surprised when Jamie replied. Nice to know that she's friendly :) And the cupcakes are delish! The cakes were so soft and when combined with the topping, the sweetness was just nice. Perfect for me, as I m not someone who fancy really sweet stuff. Some other cupcakes I had tried before this were really sweet.

So in between the movies, we walk walk around, bought the cupcakes and also Juice Works. Maxis Rewards also have this promo for Juice Works: buy any drink of Power size and get a Midi size Lychee Cooler for free. Of course we wouldn't let go of this awesome deal, haha.

And then, we saw this.

Vintage Ear Hook!

Fell in love almost immediately but guess what, I didn't buy. Not upon seeing it. It was only after 300 ended before 자기야 dragged me back to the same shop as it was closing and bought it for me. He said it would be my belated White Day pressie. Aww.. how sweet. Hehe.

Wore it out the next day and I love love it!

And this summed up my weekend date :D Thank you 자기야 for being so patient with me and pamperin me as always. Days automatically become brighter when you are with me.

Love you 


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