Saturday, March 15, 2014

Nails Nails Nails

Been addicted to DIY manicure for a few months now, especially since nail stickers are readily available, almost everywhere. Being the thrifty (read: cheapskate) person that I m, I got all my nail stickers from pasar malam lol; MYR10 for 3 wtf. Quality is admittedly shitty but I don't mind though coz I don't believe in buyin expensive ones that I will eventually get bored of. Hence I'd rather buy cheaper versions so I can change to different ones anytime I like and also can save money in the process. WIN-WIN for me haha.

First nail sticker that I have applied during Chinese New Year :)

Pastel colours!

The quality of this particular one is the worst among all though I really loved the design ><

Last but not least, my own DIY manicure! Did this without much effort, wanted to actually do the floral one I saw on Pinterest but ultimately failed haha. So I came up with this design! Sorry about the heart, I know that it is very out of shape lol.

Still got two more nail stickers left in my collection. Will post them up after I have applied them kay? And definitely will buy more as I love how easily I can apply them and have pretty nails in no time :D

Till then, x!


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